So You Think You Can Dance Wardrobe Malfunction

The Hit Reality TV Show, So You Think You Can Dance had a ratings boost by way of contestant 22036 who forgot to put her panties on before she flashed her crotch to the Judges in appreciation for being moved forward in the competition. Hey, at least if she doesn't win, she can take up the pole.


All this because of an Erin Andrews Peephole Video everyone wants to watch. See Details here ERIN ANDREWS PEEPHOLE VIDEO (not it is not the AARON ANDREWS PEEPHOLE VIDEO. Some people just can't spell

Friday, July 3, 2009


All I have to say is "What was wrong with the world when I went to school?" Recently there have been an increasing number of teachers who were canned for either showing pictures of their breast on the internet, doing sexy bikini boat cruises or sending their students home with a sex tape of themselves. None of this ever happened to me as a child and I want my money back. Well, at least I want to see my grade 2 teacher naked. Of course she is probably abit shrivelled up by now as I am 38 and can't be bothered to do the math on how old she is now.
The most recent teacher in trouble is Sacramento Teacher CRYSTAL DEFANTI who is being sent to the principals office because she accidentally included a clip of her very own home made Crystal Defanti sex video in with a class DVD she sent home with her Elementary school students.

Of course, when Crystal Defanti found out about the mistake she instantly tried to contact all the parents to stop them from watching the Crystal Defanti sex DVD. Unfortunately, that will probably not be enough. Many children did, in fact, see the Crystal Defanti sex DVD and if they didn't, I'm sure the parents going to the local media made sure the rest did.
I find it strange how a parent could be claiming to act in the best interest of his children when he exposes this accident to the local Sacramento Media. Not only did he ensure the rest of the world saw the Crystal Defanti sex tape he also put the last nail in Crystal Defanti's coffin. Instead of showing some gratitude for the extra unpaid time his child's teacher, Crystal Defonti put into creating this DVD of his child's year in school and contacting the other parents to ensure this story did not spread, this ungrateful media whore of a parent went to the local news and blurted it all over the world. It is no wonder the Douche didn't show his face.

To Crystal Defonti, yes, this was an unfortunate accident and aside from wanting to be part of your next home video, I think this was an awful thing to have happen to you I hope it works out for ya.


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