So You Think You Can Dance Wardrobe Malfunction

The Hit Reality TV Show, So You Think You Can Dance had a ratings boost by way of contestant 22036 who forgot to put her panties on before she flashed her crotch to the Judges in appreciation for being moved forward in the competition. Hey, at least if she doesn't win, she can take up the pole.


All this because of an Erin Andrews Peephole Video everyone wants to watch. See Details here ERIN ANDREWS PEEPHOLE VIDEO (not it is not the AARON ANDREWS PEEPHOLE VIDEO. Some people just can't spell

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nobody's Hero - To Quote Neil Peart

I kind of toyed around with which blog to place this post in for abit. I was contemplating MonkeyGuano, simply because of the Human stupidity involved but at the end of the day, it is really about my opinion and that is what this blog is all about.

Michael Thomas Gargiulo was arrested in connection with the murder of, Ashley Ellerin, Tricia Pacaccio and most recently Janecia Peters. These murders, although very disturbing, are unfortunately not that uncommon in our modern society. The thing which makes this case unique is the connection to Hollywood.

You see, Ashley Ellerin was Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend at the time of her murder.

Aside from the murder itself, the one thing which really disturbs me is how the prime focus of the media on this case seems to be towards Ashley Ellerin. I'm not saying the murder of Ashley wasn't tragic and doesn't deserve the attention of the media, however, there is very little mention of the other victims or even the whole reason this Michael piece of sub-human filth was picked up.

Search Trends for "Ashley Ellerin Picture"

Further to add to my disdain is the Google searches that followed. It seems the general internet public is on a search for pictures of Ashley Ellerin. I'm not saying people should be searching for pictures of Tricia Pacaccio or should not be searching for pictures of Ashley, I am simply pointing out my disapointment with a society which feels the need to separate an individuals' importance by degree's of or connection to fame. Had Tricia been dating one of the Jonah's brothers at the time of her untimely death, I'm sure she would have been the top of the search engines. Sadly though, she passed before reaching her true potential as the focus of media whoring. I don't know, but maybe that is better for her and her family.
In case you actually read to the bottom of this page, the above picture was meant in no disrespect to Angela Joesbury, her friends or her family. I am merely trying to illustrate a point. Just so you know, Angela was one of the Pickton Victims.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Spankin' The Monkey Addiction

I added this blog to my collection a few weeks ago but never really ran into anything that really screamed to be written in here. Well, with todays' blog whoring came the answer.

Apparently, David Duchovny has entered himself into rehab for sex addiction. Shit, this guy is married to hot babe Tia Leoni, how could he not be addicted to sex. So what if he jerks the gurkin to clear his mind every once in awhile, maybe Tia is feeling a little sore down there so he signs himself up for a TV show like Californication.

Who are we to judge, I applaud David Duchovny's desire for sex. And if Tia is feeling a little left out after David is "fixed" she is welcome to come to my house and I would be quite happy to fulfil her needs. No need to reward me for my generosity, I'm just that kind of guy... Always thinking about the needs of others.