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The Hit Reality TV Show, So You Think You Can Dance had a ratings boost by way of contestant 22036 who forgot to put her panties on before she flashed her crotch to the Judges in appreciation for being moved forward in the competition. Hey, at least if she doesn't win, she can take up the pole.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We Are Canadian Hear Us Vote (In 2 months or less)

Britney's Sauna Scene and Sarah Palin's Hustler Porno aside, the news today is filled with Election fury. No, not the US Election, the Canadian Election. Laugh as you may at the complacency of the Canadian public, we get things done. We don't sit around talking about the vote for two years. Shit, most of our election signs will still have that fresh off the press smell as they are taken down. Our election was announced and completed in less time than it took for Barack to babble through his last blithering of leftist rhetoric.

Speaking of leftist rhetoric, I am glad to see the Canadian voters did not fall into the NDP "Our economy is hurting and we are here to help" load of crap. The last thing our economy needs is higher taxes created by the need for cash created by pansy assed equal distribution of wealth bullshit.

Not that we really had to much of a choice, lets look at our choices.
Steven Harper-Bush - The quintessential lapdog to Georgie Pordgie's dogma train
French Guy who can't speak English and not 5 years ago wanted to split Canada in two
Jack Layton the left wing crack head unemployed bum union sympathizer
And some twit tree hugger who has less of a chance to get in power than Paris Hilton has of winning a Nobel Peace price for her academic contributions to the world at large.

I guess a minority government isn't all that bad. After all, the last one did manage to reduce the GST a couple of times. Most likely an election ploy, but appreciated nonetheless. Ya ok, so we followed Georgie into his silly war, but these people in the reserves did sign up for the Army, OK the Canadian Army, but sometimes there is more involved than picking stuffed animals up from a flood zone. The cost involved kinda sucks but most everyone figured it was a good idea at the time.

Once again, I'm just glad Canada won't be overrun by treehuggers, frenchies or unions.

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