So You Think You Can Dance Wardrobe Malfunction

The Hit Reality TV Show, So You Think You Can Dance had a ratings boost by way of contestant 22036 who forgot to put her panties on before she flashed her crotch to the Judges in appreciation for being moved forward in the competition. Hey, at least if she doesn't win, she can take up the pole.


All this because of an Erin Andrews Peephole Video everyone wants to watch. See Details here ERIN ANDREWS PEEPHOLE VIDEO (not it is not the AARON ANDREWS PEEPHOLE VIDEO. Some people just can't spell

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Been Caught Cheating - The Dr. Phil and Oprah Story

The rumour mill is pumping this morning with a flurry of searches on Dr. Phil Cheating on his wife. Search terms include Dr. Phil Cheating, Dr. Phil Affair, dr phil divorce, dr phil, dr phil cheating, dr phil caught cheating, and of course the one who started it all oprah.

Maybe Dr. PHIL WAS CAUGHT CHEATING WITH OPRAH. Now there is a juicy rumour. Of course it might not be all that far off, think about it. Oprah Winfrey and whatshisface have been in the media for their apparently dysfunctional relationship maybe Dr. Phil came in to console her and one thing led to another wam bam thank you ma am and Dr. Phil sticks his penis in Oprah just like a rectal thermometer.

Ok, now that was a little too vivid for just before breakfast.

For more information on the Dr. Phil Divorce story

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