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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Obama Watermelon Patch


It seems racism is rapidly becoming the keyword of the current US administration, which begs the question... Is the US really ready for an almost Black President?

Just over a week ago the "political correctness brigade" (led by Al Sharpton) jumped on the bandwagon with sirens blaring over an innocent political cartoon by Sean Delonas and published in the New York Post. This cartoon depicted police standing over a monkey they just shot with the caption "They'll have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill." For Christ sakes people, we all come from monkey's what is the big deal. For that matter, what about all those "so easy a monkey could have done it" comments? Not related at all to black people, just to the ease of the task. (read more on the New York Post Monkey Cartoon here)

All that aside, this week's "racism" fireball comes by way of Dean Grouse, Mayor of Los Alamitos California. I guess Dean decided to send a picture depicting the front lawn of the Whitehouse as a watermelon patch with the caption "NO EASTER EGG HUNT THIS YEAR". Ya ok, I guess that could be stereotyping black people as liking WATERMELON's... Honestly though, what is the big deal? As a White Cracker Monkey or WASP as some people like to refer to us, I have never even understood the WATERMELON JOKE. I guess I am abit naive that way. So Black people have been known to eat watermelons... so have whites. Of course some people I know like to fill them up with tequila (They are Mexicans.) Does this now make me racist for saying a Mexican acquaintance of mine likes to shoot his WATERMELON's up with Tequila??? Come on people, this guy is obviously a Republican and as such, he does not like Democrats. How is this any different than the Texas stereotypes thrown towards that inbred named George. Certain nationalities do certain things. Germans eat Sauerkraut and as such are called Krauts. I am of full German decent and have absolutely no problem with that.

The thing is, there are plenty of awful racist things going on in the world, a simple Email or Newspaper cartoon are not included in that. I guess since an almost Black person is President, lack of representation is no longer a valid argument so new topics must be found.

I leave you with this question. What would Black Rights Acitivists do for a living if there was no reason to protest?

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  1. He isn't almost black he is black. If you compare the average black american to the average nigerian they 10 shades lighter. Why? Because most if not all black americans have varying amounts of white blood mixed in from slavery time. It's a fact. It was pure economics for slave holders to keep a certain segment of their "stock" pregnant it created more stock the result is hundreds of years later black americans are shades from wesley snipes to beyonce. Go to west africa where black americans were imported from there is one color, black. Not brown, butterscotch, sienna etc. like here.So quit it with the whole President Obama isn't black most if not all black americans have white or native american blood. It was a law in this country for many many years that if you had even one drop of black blood you were black.

  2. Thanks for your input.

    Not that it really matters in the scheme of things, as people are people regardless of colour. Fact of the matter is, Obama was raised by a Honkey mother and from what I hear, his "Black daddy" was out of the picture quite early in life.

    The thing that really gets me going is the whole "first black president" Yes, I understand this is a milestone but in some cases it seems like Obama was elected just because he was "Black". Well that and he doesn't have an outwardly stupid VP like Sarah Palin.