So You Think You Can Dance Wardrobe Malfunction

The Hit Reality TV Show, So You Think You Can Dance had a ratings boost by way of contestant 22036 who forgot to put her panties on before she flashed her crotch to the Judges in appreciation for being moved forward in the competition. Hey, at least if she doesn't win, she can take up the pole.


All this because of an Erin Andrews Peephole Video everyone wants to watch. See Details here ERIN ANDREWS PEEPHOLE VIDEO (not it is not the AARON ANDREWS PEEPHOLE VIDEO. Some people just can't spell

Monday, February 16, 2009

PROPRANOLOL - Miracle Cure or a Pandora's Box?

PROPRANOLOL is being touted as the miracle cure for fear. Apparently Dutch researchers are looking into this new "miracle drug", a beta blocker which inhibits fear, as a cure for those suffering PTSD or other Anxiety conditions.

Although I think eliminating these conditions from those suffering them is great, the concept of eliminating fear is ... well... Kinda scary. Imagine a society of individuals who fear nothing. There would be no concept of pain and consequence in essence creating a race "psychopaths".

On the other hand, talk about a great thing for those living in fear. I think it needs a little more research though. Not a doctor, just a though.

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