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Thursday, June 11, 2009

CARRIE PREJEAN Gets Canned and may show her Can's for PLAYBOY

You have to know a day which starts off with PICTURES OF SEXY WOMEN like CARRIE PREJEAN and MEGAN FOX is going to be a gooder. Unfortunately for CARRIE PREJEAN, the reason for her sudden popularity is not so good. It seems the controversial sex kitten MISS CALIFORNIA CARRIE PREJEAN WAS FIRED. The thing is, this was reportedly not due to her "Anti-gay" comments.

If you are not familiar with the story I will give you a quick intro. Awhile back during the MISS CALIFORNIA PAGEANT, celebrity knob gobbler blogger PEREZ HILTON decided to take it upon himself to bring some much undeserved attention to "him"self by asking contestant CARRIE PREJEAN what she thought of gay marriage. CARRIE PREJEAN responded in a very honest and open manner stating how she was raised but followed that with a very sincere back peddle stating something to the extend that people deserve to make their own choices.

Of course Perez being Perez decided to jump all over her statement and emphasis the points he thought would get him the most attention. Just like the day he jumped onto Britney Spears' SUV during one of the many failed court room appearances, Perez Hilton decided to jump up and down screaming about how MISS CALIFORNIA CARRIE PREJEAN should loose her crown because she was "Anti-gay". I guess Perez doesn't see the value in someone answering a question honestly.

Since that time, CARRIE PREJEAN has been in the centre of a 3 ring media circus. LINGERIE PICTURES OF CARRIE PREJEAN showing very little nipple made top of Google searches as the curious wanted to catch a glimpse of CARRIE PREJEAN NAKED. This, according to Perez, just added fuel to the whole FIRE CARRIE PREJEAN campaign he was championing. Add to that the story of CARRIE PREJEAN AND HER BREAST IMPLANTS made front page. Big Kahuna DONALD DUCK (oops I mean TRUMP) was called in and CARRIE PREJEAN was allowed to keep her crown.

Happy ending in the land of Princesses with sexy hooties? Not quite.
Since that time, CARRIE PREJEAN was booked on may public appearances for which she did not show. For that, Carrie Prejean was fired and stripped of her Miss California crown. Unfortunately for Carrie Prejean, even Donald Duck agrees with the decision. On a positive note, Carrie Prejean has reportedly been offered a wack of cash to POSE NUDE FOR PLAYBOY MAGAZINE (pun completely intended... now where is muh Kleenex)



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  1. Carrie Prejean should be rewarded for speaking her mind, liberals want to shut out the truth and human trash like Perez Hilton should be the ones quieted. She is really 100% biblical correct.